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Year 1 – 1SH/JR & 1SE (Jan 2019)

Dear Parents,


First of all we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and welcome you back to a new school term.


We have an exciting term ahead and value your support with your child’s learning. We would like to share with you some of the areas which will be covered this term. We hope that this will help you be more informed. If you have any questions about areas of the curriculum please arrange to speak to your child’s class teacher who will be happy to discuss it with you.


We will be continuing our Phonics lessons using The Read Write Inc. programme and using Hamilton for our English and Maths lessons. Children will develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematics through practical activities, exploration and discussion.


In RE we will be focusing on the Christian faith but we will also be building upon pupils’ own beliefs and practices. We hope to have a visit from a member of the church. As part of our topic we will be looking at different places and cultures around the world.


PSHE and C will continue with Going for Goals and ways to keep ourselves healthy! This valuable time enables children to express their thoughts, feelings and views in a safe and comfortable environment, thus helping them to become confident individuals.


During our PE lessons, we will be focusing on skills in Gymnastics and Games.


Music will be taught following The Music Express programme, where pupils have a chance to use instruments, sing and compose performances.




Please see below for our topic work this Spring on ‘Flowers and Insects’.

During this unit we will be focusing on Science, Geography, Art, Music, Society and International.


In Science, we’ll be finding out:

• Where flowers and insects prefer to live and grow

• How and where seeds grow

• How to set up tests to discover how plants use water

• How to grow lots of different things

• How beans grow

• About the life cycles of insects

• About ants and bees


In addition in Science we will be looking at Materials and their Properties, ie how and why an umbrella is waterproof.


In Geography, we’ll be finding out:

• About honey and silk production

• About the migration of the Monarch butterfly


In Art, we’ll be finding out:

• About paintings of flowers and insects

• How to make paintings and models of flowers and insects

• How to use symmetry to make paintings of insects

• How to create a garden in the classroom


In Music, we’ll be finding out:

• About the music of the famous composer, Rimsky-Korsakov

• How to create our own music


In Society, we’ll be finding out:

• About keeping stick insects as pets

• About people who help us


In International, we’ll be finding out:

• About flowers and insects from the host and home countries

• About how climate and weather patterns affect life around the world

• About flowers as emblems for different countries


By the end of the unit, we hope your child has achieved all of the learning targets and has had an enjoyable time in the classroom. We will be inviting you at the end of the topic to come and see the work your child has been doing. Further details will follow closer to the time. The children will be participating in an Ugly Bug Ball, where they will need to dress up as an insect or flower and they will enjoy a party introducing the theme for our topic. There will be prizes for the best costumes!


If you have any comments about the work your child has done, please do get in touch.



Please make sure your child reads the books being sent home regularly and that you inform us of their progress in the Reading Record Book. Spellings will continue to go out on a Wednesday and learning logs will go out on Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. Children need to wear the correct PE kit to school on a Tuesday and Thursday and as the weather is colder now please provide your child with black/dark grey tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt for outdoor PE. Earrings need to be removed on the days your child has PE for health and safety reasons.



Thank you very much for your continued support. Please see your child’s class teacher if you have any queries.


Yours sincerely,




Mrs S Hussain Mrs J Rowlands Miss S Ellis



September 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,


It is lovely to see so many smiling faces as the children come into school each day. The children all look so smart in their school uniforms. Thank you for your support with this and for taking the time to label all items of your child’s school uniform. May we take this opportunity to remind you, if you have not already done so, that it is essential to: Name all clothing, shoes, coats and P.E kits! It really does help things to be returned to the correct owner.


We would like to introduce the staff your children will be working with in Year 1 and also give you an outline of the term ahead. In Year 1 we have 2 classes: Hedgehog Class (Miss Ellis with Mrs Bumpus and Mrs Savu) and Bear Class (Mrs Rowlands/Mrs Hussain). The Teaching Assistant in Year 1 is Miss Sirc.


The times of the school day in Year 1 are different to Foundation. In Year 1 the day starts at 8.40am. Children arrive in class and begin the day with “early morning work” related to something he/she has learned the previous day. The day finishes at 3.20pm and your child can be picked up from their classroom door on the playground. We ask parents to make a queue outside the classroom at home time to help us dismiss the children safely.


PE kits- This includes a white T-shirt, black shorts, tracksuit bottoms and black trainers. Children need to come to school in their PE kit on their PE days. These are Tuesday and Thursday for Year 1. It is essential earrings are not worn on PE days.


Learning Logs Learning Logs will be sent out on a Friday and will need to be returned on the following Wednesday. We value the support you give with the activities; however we do ask that the work is your child’s own. Please do comment on how your child found the activity, as it is helpful to know if they found it difficult etc.


Reading Books Sharing a book with your child is a valuable experience. Your son/daughter will be provided with a reading book and Reading Diary for you to sign and comment in. We do ask that you support your child with reading as often as possible. Your child will then have the opportunity to change his/her book as often as possible. We will soon be setting children up with Bug Club subscriptions so they can access extra books online to read at home.


Spellings In addition to your child bringing a reading book home, he/she will also be given words to learn to read and spell. These words may be the Reception or Year 1/2 keywords or words related to their phonics. Spellings will be provided on a Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday.


Water Bottles In order to aid concentration and minimise disruption to lessons with visits to the water fountain, we encourage children to bring in a small water bottle. Please ensure your child’s bottle is named. The bottle may be refilled during break times with cool fresh water. We do ask that bottles are taken home daily to be washed and refilled with fresh water.




Please find below an overview of the curriculum for the term ahead:-




In English lessons we will continue with the work carried out in Reception with ‘Read, Write Inc.’ Read, Write Inc aims to provide a programme of activities that will get children learning to read and write quickly and easily. The programme consists of rigorous daily phonics practise, combined with reading and writing activities to support the sounds that they are focussing on that week. It covers a wide range of genres including fiction and non-fiction materials, such as stories, plays, poems and non-fiction texts, which will also be linked to our topic work.




The children will be working in classes for Maths to enable us to focus on their individual needs using the Power Maths Scheme. The teaching assistants will support the children who need extra intervention with their Maths skills. The children will be developing their skills within counting, properties of number, shape space and measure. They will be applying these skills and developing their problem solving skills across all areas.




Please find further details below of the two units that we will be focusing on for topic work. As we start a new unit, we will be providing you with the details and will also ask for your support too. There are times when children will need to bring things in from home or carry out research with your help. We hope you will enjoy being a part of this exciting term.

PSHE & C will be taught each week to develop children’s personal, social and emotional skills. Children will also be taking part in RE, Music and PE lessons alongside this.





The topic theme is Time Travellers.

In History we will be:

• Learning how to create a timeline

• Finding out about events that are important to us

• Using objects to find out more about an event

• Learning about important events that happened in our local area

• Learning about an event by interviewing someone who was there

• Using different sources to learn about a national event

• Exploring events of global significance by asking and answering questions


In International we will be:

• Finding out about different festivals around the world

• Comparing different types of festivals around the world


We look forward to sharing our work with you.



We are all looking forward to the term ahead and hope that your children will very much enjoy their experiences in Year 1.



Yours sincerely,








Mrs Asghar Mrs Rowlands/Mrs Hussain Miss Ellis

Owl’s Class Teacher (Yr2) Bear’s Class Teachers Hedgehog’s Class Teacher

and KS1 Team Leader

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