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Year 4 – 4BP & 4SM (Sept 2018)

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and that the children have already begun to tell you some of the great things we have planned to do this term. We’re really looking forward to meeting you all and will hopefully do so over the next couple of weeks.

Within this curriculum letter, you will find an overview of the topics that we will be covering in our learning this term. We hope that you find this informative.

The Prince William Award.

We are very lucky to be taking part in the Prince William Award this year. Each class will take part in this on WEDNESDAY afternoons, on alternate weeks. In these sessions, there will be lots of fun activities, designed to promote team work as well as helping to improve a growth mindset.

Physical Education and Games

In year 4, our PE days are on Monday and Wednesday. Mondays will be indoor or outdoor PE lessons taught in school, by your child’s class teacher. Wednesdays will be either swimming or the Prince William Award. Each class will alternate so that one week they will swim and the following they will take part in the Prince William Award.

For both days the children will need to attend school wearing their PE kits, as explained in the letter sent home at the end of last year. Please remember that PE kit should consist of plain black jogging bottoms, plain white crew neck t-shirt, black or white trainers and a school jumper, fleece or hooded sweatshirt (from the uniform order within school). Please make sure that children do not wear jewellery to school, earrings are removed and long hair is tied back on these days.

Reading and Library

Year 4 are having a big focus on reading this term. Children are expected to read with an adult for around 10 minutes at least 3 times a week. This needs to be evidenced in their reading records with a comment from you. You do not need to wait until a book has been finished before you write a comment. Please comment every time you hear your child read, however many pages this may be, so we can keep a record of how often your child is reading. We expect children to have their reading book in school every day.

As an incentive to encourage as much reading as possible at home, we will be rewarding those children who read every day. The children who have read every day will receive a small prize at the end of the week and the child or children who has read the most over each half term will be rewarded with a book.

In addition to a reading book, children will have the opportunity to visit the school library to select a book of their own choice. We would like to remind you a fee will need to be paid to replace any lost books.

Learning logs

As your child enters year 4, expectations will be raised. The format of you children’s home learning will be different to what they have been used to previously. As well as the usual Learning log, they will also be set Maths homework and weekly spellings.

Learning logs will be sent out on Friday and will need to be returned by the following Wednesday. There will only be one objective based on the topic that children have been learning that week. However, as part of the task, there will be an English focus.

Maths homework will reinforce work which the children have been working on that particular week. It is important that children practise their times tables as an ongoing task. This is an important skill they need to have as so much of their mathematical learning is based upon these. This will also be set on a Friday and will need to be returned the following Wednesday.

Spellings will be set on a Friday to be returned and tested the following Friday. As well as practising each spelling on a daily basis, children will need to write sentences to demonstrate their understanding of each word.

All of the tasks set are very important in bridging relationships between home and school. They are designed to build on the skills and knowledge that they have been developing not only throughout each week but throughout the school year. If you have any questions please speak to your child’s class teacher.


As in all key stage 2 classes, children will have the opportunity to have a healthy morning snack. As a school, we endeavour to promote healthy lifestyles, so we ask that children bring in a piece of fresh fruit or vegetables, some dried fruit or a cereal bar as their snack choice. Please do not include chocolate or cakes.

School visits

During this term we are hoping to organise an out of school visit. More information about this visit will be sent out to you in due course.







English, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Grammar

In English and Reading Comprehension, we will be studying ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King in the first half term which will link our English work with our Topic work. We will focus on developing characters and describing settings as well as narrative writing. In the second half term, we will be studying ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. We will be comparing the book to a play script of the story and writing our own playscripts.

In Spelling, we will be focusing on a range of prefixes and suffixes.

In Grammar, we will be learning about punctuation, conjunctions, direct speech and tenses.


In Maths, there will a focus on securing the mental and written methods for the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will then look at applying this knowledge to help us solve word problems involving two or more steps. As well as working with whole numbers, we will also be adding fractions and decimals. As well as working with numbers, children will also focus on there use of measure, including length and time.


In Science, we will begin the year by studying different scientists and inventors. After half term we will be focussing on Electricity where children will learn all about electrical circuits and test materials ability to conduct electricity.


We will spending the first part of the year investigating how to be safe when using the internet in our e-safety unit and then we will be using algorithms to write and use code.



(Geography, History,

DT and Art)

Our topic this term is called Stone Age to Iron Age. In this topic we will be finding out about the Stone Age and looking at what life was like for people living at this time and what we know from what is still here. We will look at the change of life in the Iron Age and compare the two periods in time. We will be studying settlements including Skara Brae, a Neolithic settlement in the Orkney Islands of Scotland and stone circles. Children will also have the opportunity to study and make their own cave art as well as investigate tools and make their own Stone Age axe.


In P.E we will be concentrating on the skills required to take part in invasion games. Indoor P.E this term will be dance. On alternate weeks, each class will have their swimming lessons.


In PSHE, we will focus on new beginnings, where the children will be thinking about, discussing and generating ideas about how to manage in new situations, as well as feeling valued as part of our school community. We will be identifying each person’s individual value in our ‘This is me’ topic. We will also be finding out more about each of our monthly values.

Religious Education

This term will focus mainly around Christianity and we will be investigating how and why a Christian follows Jesus.


This term, Mr Cowburn from the Music service will be delivering lessons to develop skills in listening to, composing and playing music.


In French, we will be introducing and developing language skills in talking about colours, body parts, zoo animals and using simple adjectives.


Your support is much appreciated and please remember that you can make an appointment with us should you have any concerns that you wish to discuss.


Yours sincerely,




Mrs A. Peters Mrs. L. Billington Miss. S. Miah




Miss. K. Sznejder

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Welcome to Year 4 Class!



Welcome to the Year 4 pages on the website. During this year at school, your children will be continuing to develop independence in their learning. We aim to encourage them to have a love of learning for life.


Year 4 is split into two classes: 4R (Mrs Rose/Mrs Maroof) and 4G (Mr Gowing)




Autumn Term


Science: Animals including humans – this will focus on the digestive system of different animals, the type and functions of teeth and also on food chains.


Topic: The Stone Age to the Iron Age. Year 4 are studying the period from the Stone Age to the Iron Age in the Autumn Term and the first part of the Spring Term. The topic links in to our class reader in English, Stig of the Dump, allowing us compare and contrast the Stone Age with our own lives. The children will create their own versions of cave paintings and also, round houses.


Spring Term


Science: States of Matter. Children will explore the different properties of solids, liquids and gases and also, how different materials change when they are heated/cooled. There will be a special focus on the water cycle and how humans rely on water.


Topic: In English, the children will focus on the story ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ by Brian Selznick and will design and build their own automatons, using cams to create different movements. During science week, the children will use their paper engineering skills to identify and explore different bridge structures, culminating in their building multi-span bridges in collaboration.


Summer Term


Science: The children will explore electricity. They will create simple circuits incorporating switches.


Topic: The children will be studying the Romans. We will explore the impact that the Roman Empire had on life in Britain. They will learn about the spread of the Roman Empire and the invasion of Britain. They will discover more about the culture and beliefs of Roman people and will have a visitor to the school, to find out about artefacts from the time of the Romans. The children will spend time exploring Roman architecture and making their own mosaic designs.



For the first half of the year, Year 4 are very lucky that every Monday afternoon, Mr Cowburn, a professional percussionist comes to the school and teaches us. We get to play a variety of percussion instruments (including djembes) as we learn and we perform to the other children in the school at various points in the year.


Physical Education


P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday each week. Please ensure that children have kit in school at all times. It is important that those who wear earrings or studs have them removed on a Friday, for swimming, or covered with tape in the Tuesday P.E. slot. While the weather is colder, please also have tracksuit bottoms and a jumper or sweat top as we will still be heading outside on Tuesday mornings. The PE kit should be:

White T-shirt, black shorts or jogging bottoms and balck trainers/plimsolls.



Please ensure your child brings a named bottle of water from home, which can then be refilled from chilled water units during the school day.



Learning Logs and spellings are sent home on Fridays. Learning logs need to be returned to class teachers by Wednesday each week and spelling tests will take place each Friday.


Our library is now up and running and offers the children a good selection of different styles of books and authors to choose from. Please bring books into school on Tuesdays to be changed. Reading books, on the other hand, can be changed any day and should be brought into school at least once a week. Daily reading makes a huge difference to how well our children progress so your support with this is much appreciated.


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