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Message From Luton Foodbank



Dear Luton Family


In these difficult times Luton Foodbank is hoping to reach as many people as possible to raise awareness of how we can help.


Things are tough, Luton families are struggling with the pandemic, lockdown, loss of employment, furlough and school closures.   During this time, you may be wondering how you are going to keep food on the table for you and your family.


Luton Foodbank is here to help everyone, we are a non-judgemental charitable organisation, who has Luton people at its heart.


If you just need to use us once or a number of times we are here to help.  We offer food collection at various points around the town, there may be an opportunity to collect from your school.


We do have the ability to tailor food parcels to suit cultural and to some extent dietary needs.  This just needs to be flagged up when a referral is made to Luton Foodbank.


Most of the schools in Luton are able to refer through a member of staff; most usually the family worker.  If you have difficulty getting to speak to a member of school staff you can email us at and we will get in touch.


All our service is confidential and GDPR compliant.


We also have some support available if you need other help.


We have recruited two new Information and Signpost Advisors whose role is to help clients who are in need of support with a range of challenges; employment, mental health, training, applications etc.  If you are a family who is using Luton Foodbank and need assistance this service is free.  Please ask to be referred.  Everything is confidential and GDPR compliant.


Being hungry causes families more stress and creates more problems.  When you're hungry dealing with other challenges makes life more difficult.

Don't hesitate, let us help you get through this challenging time.


Liz Stringer

Chair, Luton Foodbank

Liz Stringer