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Skip 2 B Fit

The children really got into the skip2bfit 6 week skipping challenge that was completed during the previous half term. Certificates have been awarded for the most improved classes over the 6-week as well as the highest scoring classes and highest scoring individuals from each class.

It has been great to see the enthusiasm for physical activity, not only during PE lessons but through out the school day, lunchtimes, breaktimes and Golden time.

This challenge has allowed all children to achieve success and see first hand the benefits of perseverance and hard work. Whether it was an improvement from week on week, no matter how big or small, or whether it was not being able to skip at the beginning and now being able to skip.

All children in school now have access to a skip2bfit rope, allowing class teachers and children to use and free time to practise some skipping. It’s a great exercise which helps improve cardiovascular fitness and agility, something we will be continuing to encourage when we enter the new school year.