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Norton Road Primary School

Enabling Our Children To Achieve


Teaching and Learning Policy.

 NORTON ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL – Teaching and Learning Policy

We will provide a positive secure learning environment where:

  • Our children will be safe, cared for and welcome
  • Children and staff can say they enjoy learning and working together
  • Visitors and parents will be able to remark about our happy, friendly, lively, visually stimulating and well organised school
  • The whole school works in partnership to create an atmosphere of trust, support and respect
  • Clear expectations are set and regularly enforced regarding required behaviour to ensure a purposeful working environment
  • Children and staff use learning resources of good quality
  • There is a focus on adding maximum value to children’s learning

We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum which:

  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of the new National Curriculum 2014
  • Promotes high academic standards
  • Upholds good citizenship, through assemblies and weekly taught sessions to prepare children to play a positive role in our globally inter-dependent and inter-cultural society
  • Teaches children to respect others and develop a set of considered moral and spiritual values
  • Teaches the skills to enable children to become independent and self disciplines learners
  • Sets children challenging but realistic targets for self improvement
  • Utilises the International Primary Curriculum as appropriate

We will provide learning experiences and lessons which:

  • Are well planned and organised
  • Enable children to understand the purpose of their work and activities
  • Are of interest to children, relate to their own experiences and address real life contexts and issued
  • Are matched to children’s abilities and allow them to experience success
  • Provide new challenges not just more of the same


The school will work closely with parents and the community to:

  • Provide an annually updated prospectus which will outline the school’s values, expectations and procedures
  • Ensure regular opportunities for parents to meet with their child’s teachers to discuss progress; what the child does well, what needs to be improved and targets to measure future success
  • Ensure children have regular opportunities to be introduced to members of the community as part of their learning
  • Enable children to have the opportunity for at least two educational visits outside the school each year and the opportunity to take part in a residential visit in their junior years
  • Provide parents with regular opportunities to work alongside their children both in and out of school to promote successful learning
  • Offer at least two opportunities each term for parents to come into school and watch their child perform and celebrate their child’s success

Each child and adult will be:

  • Valued as in individual and know that his or her cultural heritage is respected
  • Have his or her own strengths, interests and talents recognised and nurtured
  • Taught to have a positive attitude and respect for others
  • Assured equality of opportunity to achieve the full breadth of his or her potential
  • Supported and nurtured to develop confidence, a positive self image and hold a high self-esteem

Out teachers and staff:

  • Believe they will have a powerful impact on each child’s learning
  • Have high expectations of themselves and for all children
  • Care about all our children and go out of their way to help them
  • Serve as positive role models
  • Are committed to equality of opportunity for all
  • Design tasks that are relevant, of interest and challengingly achievable