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Norton Road Primary School

Enabling Our Children To Achieve



                               Welcome to Norton Road Primary School website...


Each and every day, I feel a great sense of pride in the Norton Road Primary School’s incredibly diverse community of children, parents and staff and how we strive to:                                                                                                                                        ‘ENABLE OUR CHILDREN TO ACHIEVE’.                                                We follow a ‘growth mindset’ approach to developing each child, and offer a diverse and rich curriculum in which each child can truly excel. Our children are happy at school and genuinely enjoy learning.


We take an inclusive approach to the education of our children and during their time with us, they make evident academic progress. But the outcomes we achieve are much more far-reaching than this; we also place great emphasis on developing the ‘whole child’ through focusing on good manners, honesty, showing respect, cooperation and collaboration, taking responsibility for themselves and other vital life skills such as first aid, learning to ride a bicycle or speak a different language. It’s wonderful to see them flourishing and thriving during their time at school and successfully meet the ‘Norton 19’ targets year after year. 




At Norton Road Primary, we have a highly skilled and cohesive staff team who always put our children first and strive for excellence in everything they do. We as educators have a positive, ‘growth mindset’ attitude and adopt a solution-focused approach to overcome obstacles and enable all children and adults to achieve their full potential. We encourage children to be 'RESILIENT, RELIABLE and SAFE' learners, who understand that achieving success requires effort, practice and perseverance and that making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.


As a school we are forward thinking and always looking for ways to improve through professional training, learning from best practice, partnership working with other local schools and Trusts and constantly reflecting on what we do, to improve and reflect this in our children’s outcomes.


Our focus is on meeting the individual needs of EVERY child, to ensure they develop the skills they need to reach their full potential and be ready for secondary school and beyond. We encourage parents, carers and extended family members to be involved in their children’s learning as much as possible, and to work in partnership with us for the benefit of their children.


Visitors often comment on the positive atmosphere in the school and particularly how well-behaved, happy, and curious our children are. I am immensely proud of what we do here. Norton Road Primary is a wonderfully engaged and diverse community, rooted in the local history of this area of Luton, with a real buzz of purposeful activity. Please take a look around our website to find out more or come along to one of our parent tours. 

Thank you for visiting!

Sughra Asghar


The History of Norton Road.


Norton Road Primary School has been successfully educating children from the local area for more than one hundred years. The school began its life serving the Village of Leagrave in 1913, some of the parents would have worked on farms, others in industry. Today we are a part of a thriving 21st century, urban, multi-cultural community. One of our strengths being the wide variety of heritages our pupils, parents and staff bring to the school.


The school still stands in a community that has historically pulled together extremely well, going through both world wars and still serving proudly today. Air raid shelters from World War Two still exist and lie under the car park, for example.


At Norton Road the school is not about the building, but about the young people who join our community and the adults who guide them on their way. We aim to foster capacity for self- improvement , resilience, and the skills, concepts and knowledge to thrive in the 21st century. Our mission is literally about enabling our children to achieve – in life as a whole, and for the whole of their life.